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Africa Integrity Insights July 2015

In July 2015, Africa Integrity examined the CCM’s selection of their presidential candidate in Tanzania and the effects of the low oil price in Angola on the company blog

The article on Tanzania discussed the CCM’s surprise decision to pick John Pombe Magufuli over a number of CCM heavyweights and previous frontrunners to represent the party in October’s election. It appears that the choice was made in order to maintain the party’s unity and possibly change its image in relation to corruption.

The Angola article examined the impact of a low oil price on the country’s politics and wider society. It seems that the governing MPLA, and particularly President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, are worried about its potential to cause widespread unrest and are therefore preparing for that eventuality.

Each of the articles can be found at the links below:

Tanzania Succession: Alcohol Unites CCM

Angola: Bracing for Unrest