Case studies

The client: An international pharmaceuticals company, listed on numerous global stock exchanges, with extensive operations across Africa supported by a network of locally appointed pharmaceutical distributors.

The requirement: In order to comply with internal Anti-Bribery and Corruption policies, the client required a rolling-review of the integrity, ownership and political exposure of appointed distributors for its medicines in all parts of the continent

How we helped: Over the past two years, Africa Integrity has conducted enhanced Integrity Due Diligence investigations into the client’s existing and potential distributors in jurisdictions as diverse as Nigeria, South Sudan, Kenya and Zambia. Our findings have assisted the client to reach decisions as to whether to retain existing distributors or appoint proposed new partners.

The client: A High Net Wealth (HNW) international investor and philanthropist operating across Africa and beyond. The client is one of the most significant investors in the East Africa region.

The requirement: Ahead of the Kenyan general elections in 2013, the client wanted to refine his thinking about the geo-strategic outlook for East Africa over a one, five and ten year period.

How we helped: Following an extended visit to the region, we produced a comprehensive background paper covering the political, commercial and social outlook over a ten year horizon and a shorter composite paper appropriate for the client to share at Heads of State level.  The papers enabled the client to frame commercial and security strategies in the region for the short and medium terms.

The client: A multi-national financial institution with extensive operations in all parts of Africa. The nature of the client’s business exposes it to a wise variety of physical, regulatory and reputational threats in diverse environments.

The requirement: The client wished to develop a coherent and consistent means of assessing the range of operational and moral integrity risks that it faces in all parts of Africa where it operates, with a view to streamlining its personnel and assets security decision-making processes.

How we helped: We developed a system of threat and risk monitoring based on reporting from proprietary sources and open-source material. The services combine a real-time alerts service with monthly and quarterly country reviews based on a refined risk matrix. The client reports that our services are used regularly to inform decisions taken by their executives in Africa.

The client: A UK-listed upstream oil and gas company that was seeking entry to the upstream sector of an emerging oil and gas market in East Africa. This was to be the client’s first exposure to the region.

The requirement: Concerned about the ethical threat to its planned operations from a country perceived as highly corrupt, the client wished to understand more precisely the nature of that threat and to equip relevant executives with the skills to combat it.

How we helped: We provided a suite of market-entry services, including integrity-focused influence mapping in the sector and practical anti- and counter-corruption training. The client used the former to develop an ethical engagement strategy. Class-room based and role-play training equipped key executives to handle a range of corruption threats.