Risk Advisory

Threat and Risk Assessments

Africa Integrity uses proprietary source reporting to develop sophisticated, tailored assessments of current and future threats – not restricted to physical security, but incorporating less tangible threats, such as those to your reputation. In addition, working side-by-side with security professionals, we are able to conduct internal assessments of vulnerabilities to identified threats, in order to form rigorous and actionable risk profiles.

Market Entry Pathfinder Services

Africa Integrity recognises the importance of a company’s understanding of the political and social context in which it operates, and aims to facilitate a depth of insight that goes beyond analysis of open source reporting. Through accessing our wide body of proprietary sources across Africa, we are able to draw precise and illuminated pictures of proposed operating environments. From these assessments, we develop step-by-step recommendations to assist as you enter African markets for the first time.

Stakeholder Risk Mapping

Effective commercial engagement in challenging jurisdictions requires full understanding of key personalities involved, their personal and professional standing, inter-relationships and political exposure. Africa Integrity combines on-the-ground intelligence gathering and expert open-source analysis to develop profiles of potential interlocutors. We then assess the potential risks and opportunities posed by association with them.