Corporate Investigations

Enhanced Due Diligence

We establish beneficial ownership, integrity, reputation, legal/regulatory standing and political exposure of commercial partners or targets in Africa. On-the-ground investigators obtain information from human sources, official records and local language media. London staff fact-check and cross corroborate all reporting. We offer tier 1 or tier 2 due diligence reports within 8-10 working days. Timelines for tier 3 due diligence investigations vary according to targets and the complexity of requirements.

Sanctions and PEPs Checks

For less complex requirements, we offer flat-fee sanctions and politically exposed persons (PEPs) checks, drawing on official records available in-country and internationally. This is a cost effective alternative to an enhanced due diligence investigation. It is an appropriate service when you judge the reputational risk of exposure to a proposed target as relatively limited. These checks assume prior knowledge of a target company’s beneficial ownership.

Corporate, Credit and Litigation Record Checks

Designed as a stand-alone or to supplement our Sanctions and PEPs Checks, this service is based on examination of official incorporation documents, local credit files and available civil and criminal court records to satisfy you that target organisations are correctly registered locally and are of good commercial and legal standing. Note that these investigations are not able to establish undisclosed beneficial interests in target companies.