Strategic Intelligence

Special Projects

Africa Integrity provides diplomatic-grade intelligence assessments that are designed with specific operational or commercial needs in mind, including Anti-Money Laundering requirements. We do not produce generic or web-based reporting. All our research, source de-briefs and analyses are conducted with specific reference to client requirements. These services can take any shape you like and are priced on an individual basis.

Competitors and Market Insights

This service speaks for itself. We don’t trawl the internet for open source material on your market and competitors. We deploy our investigators on the ground to find out what is really going on that you need to know about. Working to specific briefs, we answer the questions that matter, rather than the ones that are easy.

Asset Tracing

Africa Integrity supports litigation proceedings with timely and focused asset searches across Africa’s main commercial centres and tax havens. This service combines adept searching and assessment of official records with debriefs of well-placed human intelligence sources and real-time reconnaissance of suspected assets. Investigations are conducted in-country and in relevant languages.