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Africa Integrity Insights: A Look Ahead to June 2018

On Africa Integrity Insights, we look ahead to June 2018, examining some of the key events coming up this month. These include the following:

  • The Beautiful Game Turns Ugly in Ghana: Renowned undercover investigative journalist – Anas Aremeyaw Anas – focuses on the Ghana Football Association (GFA) in his new exposé. It is likely to send shock-waves through the GFA and will be an important test of the government’s commitment to its anti-corruption platform.
  • Will Guinea-Bissau cope without ECOWAS’s guiding hand: Given the important role played by ECOWAS in resolving the political crisis, which has crippled the country for the past three years, there are concerns that its decision to withdraw ahead of the legislative elections in November could lead to a resurgence in instability.

Articles on each of these matters are available here.