Our story

Africa Integrity Services Ltd was founded in 2010, shortly after the UK Bribery Act became law. Our concept is that high quality, privileged-source intelligence is an effective tool to:

  • Support high standards of corporate ethics (behavioural integrity); and
  • Help to protect clients’ people, property and assets (operational integrity).

The best intelligence is generated by experts in their geographical field. That is why Africa Integrity focuses only on the continent. All of our people are African or have had many years of experience operating in Africa. We are based in London, but our real work takes place on the ground in Africa, through a rich and mature network of African investigators and sources.

Our work makes a difference. We have saved our clients money by providing them with commercially relevant intelligence. We have averted legal liabilities by uncovering the realities behind potential commercial partners. We have prevented inadvertent contravention of international sanctions regimes by establishing undisclosed cross-border beneficial ownerships. We have enabled executives to combat corruption by providing bespoke training. We have helped ensure charitable funds are targeted in the right places by generating ground truth and geo-political intelligence.

We have supported progress with intelligence in Africa.