Geo-Political Insight

Whether a new entrant to a market or a long-standing corporate citizen, it is vital for a company to understand the political and social context in which it operates. Africa Integrity can facilitate a depth of understanding that goes beyond analysis of media and other open source reporting. By accessing our wide body of proprietary sources across Africa, we are able to draw precise and illuminated pictures of our clients’ operating environments, from tactical ground truth to strategic themes. We provide diplomatic-grade intelligence assessments that are designed with specific operational or commercial needs in mind.

We place great weight on the linguistic ability and cultural empathy of our intelligence-analysts, who assess and interpret information about the communities and political systems of which they form a part. All knowledge management processes are overseen by a desk-officer in London, who is responsible for overall quality assurance and for presenting findings to clients. Africa Integrity does not offer mass-marketed knowledge-based products. All the material we gather is targeted towards the client, and is designed to meet specific requirements.