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Africa Integrity’s Foresight Papers

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new series:  Africa Integrity’s Foresight Papers.  As regular clients know, we maintain an extensive network of dedicated investigators and sources across Africa.  Every day, members of our network send us observations, insights and analysis that are not required for specific projects.  The purpose of this series of papers is to share that expertise with our clients and other, carefully selected, readers.  The papers are designed to be short, original, forward-looking and intelligence driven.  Occasionally, they will be provocative.  We hope they will always be thought-provoking.

The first paper in the series examines the immediate outlook for Zimbabwe, in an election year and following the dramatic events of November and December 2018.  Throughout those events, we were sent regular updates from a range of sources in-country, mapping developments as they occurred.  These messages were some of the most emotional we have received over many years of Africa-coverage.  The emotions told their own story: disbelief, then delirium, followed by creeping disappointment. Will despair follow?

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