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Africa Integrity Newsletter – January 2018

The January 2018 edition of Africa Integrity’s newsletter addresses the refusal of former liberation movements turned political parties to allow political dynasties to develop in Southern Africa, the growing influence of Middle Eastern politics on North East Africa and its effect on regional tensions, and the future of Congo-Brazzaville’s First Family.

We also examine some of the key events in Africa in 2017, such as Kenya’s annulled election and Gambia’s democratic transition, and look ahead to the key events in 2018, such as the potential election in South Sudan and the changing nature of Françafrique.

Additionally, we introduce a new series of thought-provoking papers: Africa Integrity’s Foresight Papers. Our first paper in the series examines the immediate outlook for Zimbabwe, in an election year and following the dramatic events of November and December 2017.

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