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Africa Integrity Insights May-June 2015

In May-June 2015, Africa Integrity examined Africa’s oil exporters, Buhari’s premiership in Nigeria and social media in Africa on the company blog We also revisited our article “Troubles en Afrique Francophonie” providing an update on the unrest which has spread across the region.

The article on Africa’s oil exporters discusses the impact of the fall in oil price on Africa’s oil exporters’ economies and how they will need to adapt to this. The article on Buhari’s premiership examines how the weight of expectation created by his victory may potentially lead to his downfall. And the article on social media in Africa challenges the perception that social media is a key determinant of political protest and social upheaval.

Each of the articles can be found at the links below.

A Tough Year Ahead for Africa’s Oil Exporters

Francophone Africa Revisited

Great Expectations

The Social Media Myth