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Africa Integrity Insights April 2015

In April 2015, Africa Integrity examined Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana and Togo on the company blog Our founder and managing director, Julian Fisher, analysed Nigeria’s election results, questioning whether the election of Muhammadu Buhari really equates to change. Julian also wrote a piece from Accra examining the state of Ghana’s economy, especially in relation to its electricity supply, and the impact this may have on next year’s election.

The other two articles focussed on the upcoming elections in Togo and Ethiopia. The election in Togo took place on 25th April 2015, and our piece examined the likelihood of unrest associated with the continuation of the Gnassingbé family dynasty in the country. In Ethiopia, the election is set to take place on 24th May 2015, and we analysed the shrinking democratic space within the country and the opposition’s decision to boycott the electoral process.

Each of the articles can be found at the links provided below.

Nigeria: Back to the Future?

Ethiopia’s Election and the Erosion of Democracy

Ghana: Could Power Cuts “Put-Off” Mahama Next Year?

Togo Election Preview