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Africa Integrity Insights: A Look Ahead to April 2018

On Africa Integrity Insights, we look ahead to April 2018, examining some of the key events coming up next month. These include the following:

  • Gambia’s Road to Democracy: The Gambia is set to hold its first municipal election since the fall of Yahya Jammeh, which represents another step towards strengthening the country’s fledgling democracy.
  • Counter-terrorism Conference Converges in Algeria: Although much still needs to be done, it seems that countries in Africa have begun to recognise the importance of regional co-operation on security matters and next month’s conference provides an opportunity to broaden continental co-operation in the fight against terrorism.
  • Elections in the Ashes of Gabon’s Democracy: Since the disputed presidential election in 2016, tensions between the government and opposition have remained high and little progress has been made during reconciliation talks. After being postponed twice, there are strong indications that Gabon’s National Assembly election will be postponed a third term.

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